Jul 3, 2011

The New Show

20 weeks later... we did it!
Today was the final presentation for the Transportation Design class! The prototypes look amazing and drew quite a crowd. Once the foot traffic died down each student in the group took turns demonstrating their vehicles performance. A big thanks to all the SCAD staff and resources that were made available to us!

Final Presentation of the 3 working prototypes in "The New Show" spring 2011
The annex, our second home... display of the 3 final working prototypes

Week 20: Testing

Testing of the three final prototypes.

Week 19: Painting

This is the final week before the unveiling and all three teams are working to meet the looming deadline. Final body panels are being prepped for paint and all the running systems are tested. No room for error this week!

Week 19: Assembling

Week 18: Wiring

Wiring is the name of the game today! All the energy saving features of the prototypes must be properly connected and integrated in the team’s individual vehicles. Lights, signals, interfaces, gauges, and drive-train electronics must all be tamed together to bring the bikes to life.

Week 17: Body Panel - Fiber glass

The positive molds for the body panels were fabricated in a variety of materials, from MDF to Ren. Once they were complete, they were cast in silicon, serving as the negative molds for which the fiberglass and resin could then be applied into. A highly labour-intensive and chemically hazardous process, for almost a week straight, we looked as if we were in quarantine from the protective suits that we wore!

Week 16: Body Panel - Mold Construction

Week 16: Body Panel - Vacuum Forming

For Team One, they designed their body panels to have zero negative draft, so that the CNC moulds could then be vacuum formed and then taken straight to paint.

Week 15: CNC

The body panels for our vehicles were built in CAD, before being sent to the CNC machine to be milled out of ren. They would serve as the moulds for which we would then make our body panels out of, whether by vacuum forming, or fiberglassing.

Week 15: Wiring / Testing

Week 13+14: Frame Construction/ Mechanism Design

Week 12: Charging system/ User Interface/ Service Design

Week 11: Final Design Refining