Professor and T.A.

 Professor Jose Gamboa
Professor Gamboa has had the opportunity to experience design as the catalyst for innovation. In 2006 Mr. Gamboa spent seven months in Italy collaborating with Pagani Automobili and Modena design in the development of new products for super car brand Pagani where he design a wristwatch a Hi Fi sound system . In 2007 he created renderings of the 1.8 million dollar Zonda R. In 2007 Mr. Gamboa also worked as a full time faculty at the Savannah College of Art and Design where he was involved in Special Project Classes. These classes were partnerships with innovation-based organizations such as Carbon Motors and the Small Grant Donations Program of the United Nations. Mr. Gamboa also created an innovative way to teach the basics on design sketching skills (Gamboa Sketch Aerobics). He also worked in the infant mass market industry in the Georgia based company Kids II and encounter multiple trips to Asia overseen manufacture process for the 2010 line of products.

Gamboa is currently a professor of ID in SCAD, Savannah.
 T.A. William Woods

American designer William Woods graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design. After an entrepreneurial career he returned to complete his graduate education. Woods brings a futuristic aesthetic to a multi-faceted body of work that fuses his appreciation for quality craftsmanship and utility of design. He is best known for his work in motorcycles, edged tools, or any project thrilling enough to injure himself.