Feb 25, 2011

Week 8: Presentation to John Paul, VP of SCAD Hong Kong


In a mad rush to present our concepts to the Vice President of SCAD Hong Kong, John Paul, we began churning out enough sketches to wallpaper Gulfstream Annex, as well as 1/3 scale pink foam models of our strongest designs. Needless to say, we didn't sleep for days on end. 

We took John Paul through our entire design process, starting with the research we conducted of SCAD's current transportation system, our brand identity of Greenhive, and the 3 personas we created as the design criteria for each team. 

John Paul was a transportation design enthusiast, and was thoroughly impressed with the amount of work we produced in a span of 8 weeks. With constructive feedback in regards to our research and design concepts, we walked away feeling proud of how much we had accomplished. 

But first, sleep!

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