Jan 12, 2011

Week 1: Overview

For the majority of the students at SCAD, the first week of this quarter was relatively uneventful, with a light workload and plenty of time to catch up with friends. 

For 11 Industrial Design students, their first week was anything but uneventful and relaxing. Their first week involved multiple research presentations, creating a unanimous brand identity (do you know how hard it is to get 11 people to agree on one thing?!), an all-nighter with 7 boxes of pizza and constantly shifting locations until our studio space was ready.

Welcome to the Transportation Design Class.

Led by Professor Jose Gamboa, assisted by William Woods, these 11 students are involved in a project that aims at redesigning the transportation network of the SCAD Savannah community. By understanding both the urban planning that is uniquely Savannah, as well as the lifestyle experience of being a student at SCAD, our goal is to create a solution that assisted the current system by providing alternate modes of transportation. The outcome of our 20-week long project would be the development of 3 full-scale working prototypes to be showcased at the School of Design Graduation Exhibition in Spring 2011.

Overwhelmed yet? Keep up, if you can!

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