Jan 17, 2011

Week 2: Research-Round 1

    Like any design project, we kicked off the beginning of the quarter with research. Preliminary research was done during the winter break, but we conducted more in-depth explorations, breaking it down into 3 main categories: the context with which our design would take place in, the user we would be designing, and the product we would be designing specifically. 
    The next week was spent immersing ourselves in the community. Marketing research was done on existing products and how services/systems support these means of transportation. Also, contextual research was carried out to gather qualitative data and support with a deeper look our studies. Shadowing and interviews were the methods used to identify the user’s need when it comes to transportation in Savannah.  
        On top of all of that, we also needed to create a brand identity for ourselves, that not only represented this project, but also the service that it would be providing, the users and the community... hence, the all-nighter. 
        Need we say more?

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